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Amy Delp plays Mrs. Kennedy in the romantic drama New Life

Amy Delp

Mrs. Kennedy

Amy Delp is a Warsaw/Winona Lake, IN native. She makes her film debut in New Life as Mrs. Kennedy. This was a rewarding role as Amy was able to tap into her own story for inspiration as well as film in locations in her home town that were personally endearing. However, her first involvement in the movie began 2 years before the filming process as she felt called to pray over New Life with a group of friends. Watching the whole story unfold has been one of her greatest joys. 


Her previous experience is in the theatre, where she first discovered a love for acting. She has pursued other loves for the past 20 years, including; her husband Rob Delp, raising their three awesome kids, leading worship at Warsaw Community Church, missions, volunteering and working in the community and running a home based business. She is passionate about people and their stories, enjoys traveling, writing, entertaining and quiet-time to recharge. 


Amy is excited to have rediscovered her love for acting and is currently working on her next movie role. 


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