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Aria Lyric Leabu (Fear the Walking Dead) plays Noey in the romantic drama New Life

Aria Lyric Leabu


Aria Lyric Leabu began her career in acting and modeling at a very early age. As a little baby she was held in the arms of a model for an Esprit clothing billboard. She has never looked back since! At three years old she booked her first television spot in a national promo for Chelsea Handler. She then co-starred on Days Of Our Lives on NBC and went on to play a young Meredith Grey in Grey's Anatomy on ABC.


Aria has modeled for many big clothing campaigns including  Bed Head Pajamas, Disney, H&M and Land's End which included shooting on a glacier in Alaska! She has worked with super models and famous photographers and actors. She co-starred on the Halle Berry Sci-Fi show Extant and had a recurring role in the critically acclaimed AMC show Mad Men.


Recently she has finished work two new feature films that will be coming out this year, New Life and The Thinning, directed by Michael Gallager. Aria can also be seen this spring in the new AMC show Fear The Walking Dead which she will guest star in.


At seven years old, Aria is looking forward to what will be coming next, certainly more horseback riding, swimming, painting and drawing, and learning and growing. Aria loves her dogs, loves her friends and family, and loves the great opportunities that acting and modeling offer her.


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