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NEW LIFE will take you on an emotional journey of love, life, heartache and hope!

Seven-year-old Benjamin Morton's life changed forever the day he met the little girl next door.  Ava was and always would be the girl of his dreams.  What began as a childhood friendship grows into a meaningful relationship as the two plan out their lives together.  When life takes a turn neither of them expect, their entire future is called into question.  Now they must decide what it really means to make the most of life.

New Life dvd

Bonus Features Include:

  • Audio Commentary with Director Drew Waters and Lead Actress Erin Bethea

  • Deleted Scenes

  • Behind the Scenes Featurettes

  • "Ava's Journey" with Erin Bethea

  • "About New Life" featuring interviews with Cast & Crew

Rating: PG        Run Time: 89 min     

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Jonathan Patrick Moore
Erin Bethea
Terry O'Quinn
James Marsters
Bill Cobbs
Barry Corbin
Irma P Hall

Jonathan Patrick


Erin Bethea

Terry O'Quinn

James Marsters

Bill Cobbs

Barry Corbin

Irma P Hall

Reviews & Endorsements

Drew Waters

Directed By:

Drew Waters

"NEW LIFE is magnificent at revealing real life experiences.  It's emotional from start to finish!" 

- Ben Higgins & Lauren Bushnell, ABC's The Bachelor

"I was drawn in from the first scene and found myself impacted on every possible emotional level."

- Jim Stovall, NY Times Best-Selling Author

"One of the most moving, most heartfelt movies I've seen in a long time.  People should see this movie!"

- Garry Brown, Producer, ABC's Agents of Shield

"NEW LIFE is amazing!  It will breathe new life into your soul!"

- Debbie Matenopoulos, Home & Family TV

"NEW LIFE is one of those films that will endure for generations.  The story captures your heart and you are quickly "all in" with Ben and Ava.  The film blends romance, comedy, as well as adversity in a real life story that millions will identify with.  You'll either find yourself or someone you love as you wrap your heart and mind around the hope of 'NEW LIFE'"

- Michael C. Catt, Executive Producer of Fireproof, Courageous, and Woodlawn

"NEW LIFE is a well-orchestrated movie about a deep and caring love story.  For anyone who wants to see a contemporary love story, this is a good place to start!"


"NEW LIFE deserves huzzahs for simply having two people fall in love sans gimmicks.  It's a heartfelt ode to marriage, commitment and the harsh realities that sometimes come our way."

- Hollywood in Toto

"A bittersweet tale of undying love!"

- Baret News

"NEW LIFE presents a wonderful message of hope with a quality script, direction and acting.  Erin Bethea and Jonathan Patrick Moore shine in the lead roles!"

- The Dove Foundation,

What the fans are saying...

"This beautiful story will tug on all of your heartstrings! It's a must see! Loved it!"

- Fandango User nauticalescape4

"New Life is a beautiful, truthful portrayal of life.  It is about choosing love and taking risks, about overcoming difficulties and sometimes falling short.  It is about celebrating the little things, and it is about finding hope in the pain. You will love this movie! Download it TODAY!"

- iTunes User hayleyc85

"A great heartfelt movie for all.  You will laugh, you will cry, you will love this film!"

- Fandango User jay1122016190

"A must purchase! It's a super amazing movie!"

- Twitter User @chase77863880

"A heartwarming must see movie.  Deals with the many emotions of love and loss between Ben and Ava but leaves you with the feeling of hope.  A beautiful love story!"

- Amazon User Patty

Very well made indie film that highlights a bold love story that softly tugs at the heart.  The actors gave convincing performances.  A good date nite movie."

- iTunes User Awe Heal

Such a great heartwarming movie!!! Fall in love with Ben and Ava right along with them.  Best movie I've seen in a long time.  Laughter through tears."

- Fandango User TPCTBird

"A fantastic movie that is loved by all ages!! A wonderful family movie that is filled with twists that keeps you wanting more! Beautifully filmed, amazing cast and a movie that will leave your heart filled!"

- Amazon User DMcGarvey

"I love this movie.  It walks you through the lives of the characters in a way much different than any other movie I have seen.  This is a relatable story with a surprise ending that will leave you wanting to see more.  Great for date night!  Very well done!"

- Fandango User jstandridge5

"SO GOOD! I laughed and cried and laughed and cried..."

- Twitter User @TheobaldJulia


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