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Drew Waters (Friday Night Lights) directs his first feature film, the romantic drama New Life

Drew Waters


Originally from Orange, Texas, Drew made a name for himself as a local actor in Dallas for many years before making the move to Los Angeles and venturing into directing and producing.  In New Life, he makes his feature film directorial debut!


Following his service with the US Navy, Drew decided to pursue a career in his true field of passion, the entertainment industry.  Now, with nearly 60 credits to his name, Drew has been a part of such hit shows as NBC’s “Surface”, “Chase”, “Victorious”, AMC’s “Breaking Bad”, "Major Crimes", and the Emmy Award winning hit show “Friday Night Lights”.  His success with “Friday Night Lights” led to work on numerous feature films such as Mad Money, Wonderful World, The Hit List, Cowgirls and Angels, Home Run,and the critically acclaimed Parkland starring Paul Giamatti and Marcia Gay Harden.  Drew has also commanded the starring role in several films including the inspirational basketball hit Breaking the Press, The Redemption of Henry Myers and the recently released theatrical success The Ultimate Life.


Drew has produced and starred in the films Hiding in Plain Sight and Charlie: A Toy Story (with Producer Garry Brown of "Prison Break" and "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.").  Drew’s work as a producer expands to such projects as the documentary “A Tale of 2 Soldiers” and “Art Junkies”, a reality series he produced and directed for the BBC.


With his production company, Argentum Entertainment, Drew brings a wealth of knowledge from his diverse background of successes in film, television, and various other entertainment outlets.  Having collaborated with some of the industry's leading producers and directors, Drew's experience and passion combine to create a powerful force in the world of quality storytelling.

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