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Misty Silveus plays Rachel in the romantic drama New Life

Misty Silveus


Misty Silveus was born and raised in the Lone Star State.  She met her husband, Cameron, 15 years ago while studying at Texas Tech and followed him to his small hometown of Warsaw, Indiana. Before starting her now full-time career as a stay-at-home mom, Misty worked in real-estate. She has 5 children; 3 living and two angels.  She enjoys Crossfit, interior decorating, cooking, and a healthy, Holy-Spirit led live. 

Misty is part of a group of ladies who came together with the BIG purpose of praying over a movie that was coming to town. She had no experience in film, other than a few tv commercials, but knew she was supposed to be involved in some way. Upon meeting the writers/producers/directors, it was confirmed that BIG things were happening in this small town and God was inviting her to play a part in it.  

The theme of hope in New Life connected deeply with Misty and allowed her to bring Rachel to life. She hopes that this story invites others to mingle their own disappointments with the BIG plans God has over their own lives.

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