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Salem Hicks was handpicked by "New Life" star Erin Bethea to serve as the key hairstylist for the film. Shortly after we wrapped production on "New Life" the movie, Salem made a bold move to begin a campaign in Haiti that offers an opportunity for "New Life" to women in need. We could not be more proud of the incredible work she is doing!


Salem and Erin on the set of "New Life"

"I remember the first time I saw a woman standing in the doorway of her brothel room. She was leaning on her door frame with a curtain/door that fell behind her. Peaking between her legs was her little boy. The loss and abuse and hurt was written on her face and it broke me. It began this discontent deep within my soul that begged the question... "What if she could choose a New Life?". " - Salem Hicks

So began the New Life Campaign in Haiti shortly after Salem finished her work on "New Life" the movie in August of 2015.  The Campaign works as an advocate for broken, abused, & sexually exploited women and works to give these women the opportunity to choose a New Life.


"We believe that if we can spark a desire for that life, slowly fan it to flame, help walk through the brokenness with these women and watch as God heals those places, we can see beauty form from those ashes and a new HOPE for these women. A hope that goes far beyond their hope for survival, but a hope that breaths dreams into women. We want women to see beyond their daily survival and fighting to feed their children. We want women to be empowered and employed and independent. We want women to walk WORTHY. To know from the core of who they are that they were created with a purpose and intent." says Salem.  


New Life Campaign works to create a culture that goes beyond the culture of their country, but spreads like wildfire. Where women are free to love and encourage and build up and do LIFE together. This is all a new concept for Haitian culture, where hurts and brokenness get swept under the rug and the darkness can seem too overwhelming for light to break through. "But we believe that A NEW culture is possible. A NEW LIFE is possible."


The New Life training center holds classes where these women are taught health classes, business classes, parenting classes and paired with a class on "Who Jesus Is". They are now also beginning an English class weekly. Part of the ultimate goal is to give these women the tools they need to set them up for success and empower them to be independent and able to take care of their children without selling their bodies for a plate of food or a couple dollars.


If you've been inspired by Salem's mission to help women in Haiti, here's how you can get involved.


Your generosity can aid the New Life Campain in several ways.

  1. Provide Salem with personal monthly support to continue her ministry.  She is the only American on the New Life team and sponsorship allows her to grow her outreach opportunities.

  2. Sponsor a woman in the program. This provides housing, weekly food stipend, education, etc to get these women off the streets ($30-$50/month for one woman).

  3. Donate toward furnishings for the center and school equipment.

  4. Donate toward providing a New Life vehicle to help move women from emergency situations, transport women to classes and help expand the campaign's reach into Port Au Prince.


If you or a team are willing to visit Haiti to help build relationships and teach life skills or career training for the women in the New Life Center, they would love to have you join the effort!  A campaign like this cannot achieve its goals alone. Since God has given gifts and talents to others who can speak into and encourage the women who enter the program, they welcome anyone who desires to get involved in a more hands-on way to join the fight to help free these women from bondage.

All inquiries can be sent to:

*All donations are tax deductible under 501C "Touch of Hope Haiti"

If you'd like to make a donation, please make checks payable to: 

Touch of Hope Haiti 205 Old Mill Lane, Rock Rapids, IA 51246

Make sure you fill in the "for" section with either "Salem's Monthly Support" or "New Life Training Center" to designate your gift.  If you'd like to make sure your gift goes to an even more specific area, please include a note with your check.

Automatic monthly donations can also be set up through PayPal at

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