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Steven C. Prince (Boyhood) plays Charlie Kennedy in the romantic drama New Life

Steven Chester Prince

Charlie Kennedy

Steven Chester Prince has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Southwest Texas State University. He began his career as an actor over twenty years ago. His television credits include recurring roles on Prison Break and Friday Night Lights and films roles that include The Alamo, The Ringer and A Scanner Darkly. Most recently, he appeared in the inspirational film Woodlawn and was a supporting role in the 2015 Academy Award Best Picture Nominee Boyhood.

Steve is also a successful writer and producer including the award winning script Divine Access and Pineapple He also co-wrote and produced The Abduction of Jesse Bookman, which won the best picture award at The American Black Film Festival in 2009, and Burning Palms in 2010, and was praised for its performances by the cast including Zoe Saldana, Dylan McDermott, Nick Stahl, and Paz Vega.


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