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Terry O'Quinn (Lost) plays Dr. Sumrall in the romantic drama New Life

Terry O'Quinn

Dr. Sumrall

Terry O’Quinn has made an indelible impression in television, film and theatre.  While honing his craft in such stage productions as Much Ado About Nothing, The Glass Menagerie and Foxfire, O’Quinn made his feature film debut in Michael Cimino’s “Heaven’s Gate.”  He first gained widespread attention by playing the complex and chilling title role in the cult favorite “The Stepfather.”  Other film credits include “Places in the Heart,” “Black Widow,”  “Young Guns,” “The Rocketeer,” and “Primal Fear.”


O’Quinn also appeared in such award winning movies for television as “An Early Frost” and “Roe vs. Wade,” leading to recurring and series regular roles on many shows including “Millennium,” “Harsh Realm,” “JAG,” “West Wing,” and “Alias.”  His work on “Alias” led creator J.J. Abrams to offer him the role of the enigmatic ‘John Locke’ in the groundbreaking series “Lost.”  O’Quinn’s portrayal garnered him an Emmy nomination in 2005 and an Emmy Award for Best Supporting Actor in 2007. 


Since starring in ABC's supernatural drama "666 Park Avenue," O'Quinn has also starred in DirecTV's limited series "Full Circle," Fox's "Gang-Related" and a recurring arc on the CBS hit "Hawaii 5-0."  He will next be seen starring opposite Juliette Lewis and Michael Ealy in the ABC series “Secrets and Lies.”

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